Cooke Turret Clock – Suspension spring top nut and washer.

This week I have been working on the Thomas Cooke & Sons of York turret clock again and one of the jobs on the list was making a new top nut and washer for the suspension spring, the originals having been lost a some point in the past. Having a nut at the top of the suspension spring as well as at the bottom of the rod under the bob is a great idea and certainly makes adjusting the timekeeping […]

A Bar, Gwatt Thun, Switzerland

I have been rebuilding a “A Bar, Gwatt Thun, Switzerland Turret clock recently. It has electric winding and lots of roller chains and sprockets. I have just got to rejoin all the chains now and get it working. I would be interested if anyone knows anything about their company logo. Is it a Bear or what? So now you are all wondering where Gwatt Thun is. As you can see on this map it is just South East of Bern. […]

Cooke Turret Clock Broken Bolt

Continuing work on the Thomas Cooke & Sons of York turret clock today resulted in removing the end piece of a broken bolt from one of the wheels. The left one is what it should have looked like.   Having extracted the broken piece I then needed to make a new bolt. This in itself would not have been a difficult job but for some reason Cooke’s decided to use a 3BA thread on a bolt of 4BA diameter. So […]

Hörz of Ulm, Germany

I recently completed the reassembly of the case for a 3 train Hörz of Ulm, Germany and put the movement back in.     The escapement of this clock is called a rolling anchor and was a proprietary design of Horz, patented in 1862. Philip Hörz GmbH still exist today both maintaining and manufacturing turret clocks although they do not manufacture mechanical turret clocks any longer.   Share this:

What is a turret clock?

I thought it would  be useful to start off by defining what a turret clock is. From Wikipedia the definition of a turret clock is:- A turret clock or a public clock is a clock that is larger than a domestic clock and has a mechanism designed to drive a visual time indicator such as dials and or bells as a public amenity. Turret clocks specifically had mechanisms mounted high in a building often a purpose built tower such as […]