What is a turret clock?

I thought it would  be useful to start off by defining what a turret clock is. From Wikipedia the definition of a turret clock is:- A turret clock or a public clock is a clock that is larger than a domestic clock and has a mechanism designed to drive a visual time indicator such as dials and or bells as a public amenity. Turret clocks specifically had mechanisms mounted high in a building often a purpose built tower such as […]

About us.

The Time Workshop is a centre of excellence for research, restoration and sale of turret clocks and public timekeeping clocks. We have a permanent display of turret clocks and master / slave industrial clocks together with a workshop space for the restoration of clocks. We are based close to Horsham, West Sussex and are open for visitors by appointment only. Please contact us if you have items to sell, are interested in buying, or just want to visit to see the […]