Joyce Turret Clock Work

I have been working on a large 2 train Joyce turret clock recently.

The Pendulum rod was missing the rating nut so using another clock as a pattern I turned a new one on the lathe from a piece of CZ121. The picture does not really show the true size of the nut which at the bottom is just over 75mm in diameter. With a bob weighing nearly 2 cwt it needed it be big.

Joyce rating nut
Joyce rating nut


The second job that needed doing was to make a display stand for the clock. As usual I made it out of engineered Idigbo which creates a stand strong enough to support a clock of this size and the swing of a large bob.

Joyce Turret Clock Stand
Joyce Clock Stand
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2 thoughts on “Joyce Turret Clock Work

  1. hello, was just reading your article, and noticed ” With a bob weighing nearly 200 cwt ” should that be 2 cwt = 212 lbs, rather than 200 cwt = 10 tons. this is not a criticism, just an observation.

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