A Bar, Gwatt Thun, Switzerland

I have been rebuilding a “A Bar, Gwatt Thun, Switzerland Turret clock recently. It has electric winding and lots of roller chains and sprockets. I have just got to rejoin all the chains now and get it working. I would be interested if anyone knows anything about their company logo. Is it a Bear or what? So now you are all wondering where Gwatt Thun is. As you can see on this map it is just South East of Bern. […]

Cooke Turret Clock Broken Bolt

Continuing work on the Thomas Cooke & Sons of York turret clock today resulted in removing the end piece of a broken bolt from one of the wheels. The left one is what it should have looked like.   Having extracted the broken piece I then needed to make a new bolt. This in itself would not have been a difficult job but for some reason Cooke’s decided to use a 3BA thread on a bolt of 4BA diameter. So […]

Hörz of Ulm, Germany

I recently completed the reassembly of the case for a 3 train Hörz of Ulm, Germany and put the movement back in.     The escapement of this clock is called a rolling anchor and was a proprietary design of Horz, patented in 1862. Philip Hörz GmbH still exist today both maintaining and manufacturing turret clocks although they do not manufacture mechanical turret clocks any longer. http://www.philipp-hoerz.de/de/home/index.php   Share this: