Joyce Turret Clock Work

I have been working on a large 2 train Joyce turret clock recently. The Pendulum rod was missing the rating nut so using another clock as a pattern I turned a new one on the lathe from a piece of CZ121. The picture does not really show the true size of the nut which at the bottom is just over 75mm in diameter. With a bob weighing nearly 2 cwt it needed it be big.   The second job that […]

Channel 4 – Old House New Home TV programme

The Channel 4 TV programme Old House New Home with George Clarke recently contacted The Time Workshop for research information on the Loseby Family of clock makers for use in an Episode of the program. The house being renovated was previously the home of E T Loseby at 10 Princess Street, Leicester. We are glad that the time spent finding out about the Loseby family has been of use to others.     Share this:

Hörz Ulm M175 Restoration

After some time in storage the Hörz M175 turret clock has now undergone a complete restoration and is working well. Hörz created the M175 in about 1933 and by 1970 there were 3 different models of varying size. The largest was made to drive 4 dials of up to 1.2m diameter and for bells up to 150Kg. The design idea was for a complete turret clock in a case that needed no external weights, lines, pulleys etc. It is a 3 […]

Smiths of Derby T50 / H1

One of the recent projects we have been working on is a Smiths of Derby T50 auto winding turret clock complete with a H1 strike unit. Now complete on the stand I made for it and working well here are the pictures of the competed item along with the original advert.  I know these units are not pretty but they work well and seem reliable. It is a very simple construction with the major component being the motors. The clock […]