Cooke Turret Clock – Suspension spring top nut and washer.

This week I have been working on the Thomas Cooke & Sons of York turret clock again and one of the jobs on the list was making a new top nut and washer for the suspension spring, the originals having been lost a some point in the past. Having a nut at the top of the suspension spring as well as at the bottom of the rod under the bob is a great idea and certainly makes adjusting the timekeeping […]

Cooke Turret Clock Broken Bolt

Continuing work on the Thomas Cooke & Sons of York turret clock today resulted in removing the end piece of a broken bolt from one of the wheels. The left one is what it should have looked like.   Having extracted the broken piece I then needed to make a new bolt. This in itself would not have been a difficult job but for some reason Cooke’s decided to use a 3BA thread on a bolt of 4BA diameter. So […]