French Niot Turret Clock

For sale on behalf of a client, a 3 train pinwheel escapement French Niot turret clock complete with the original 1 meter diameter dial. The clock comes complete with the original makers stand, winding handle, pulleys, & weights etc. The pendulum may not be original to the clock but still works ok. The clock requires a little work to clean up some surface rust but is otherwise complete and working. The previous owner added a metal bar with 3 bells to the top of the clock which can either be kept or easily removed as required. The frame is 40″ wide x 12″ deep x 13.5″ high to the top of the pendulum suspension. The stand for the clock is 39.5″ high and the dial is 39″ diameter. The fly fans have been removed to make the clock easier to move but are with the clock and are complete.